Posted on Aug 7, 2018

That Good Ole Handyman

The Effects of Strong Winds to Charlotte, NC Homes

Charlotte, N.C. experiences some of the most extreme weather in the United States; hail storms and tornadoes are common from late spring thru autumn, while hurricane season runs from early June to Thanksgiving. Severe thunderstorms can occur throughout the year, while winter brings the occasional blast of freezing rain and snow.

During a storm, the wind speed and direction changes suddenly and frequently – this puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the roof, windows and doors in a home. These strong, erratic winds can cause roofs to lift away from the surrounding structure; high wind can also cause siding, fascia and trim to become dislodged.

High wind damage frequently includes lifted, twisted or missing roof shingles and downspouts; broken windows, downed fencing and bent or broken garage doors. If the storm included heavy rain, then water damage to interior walls, floors and electrical systems can also occur.

Here at That Good Ole Handyman, our team of licensed, bonded and insured craftsmen can provide you with quick, affordable repairs for storm damage to your home and property.

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